PARTNERS & FRIENDS, IT'S CHURCH ANNIVERSARY MONTH!!! We have several activities and events planned for you this month...

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  • Musical Monday: Post your favorite song that has been sung or danced by the Psalm150 Music and Arts Ministry.
  • Tuesday: Let's see your NC3 Apparel from over the past 53 years! Post a picture in your favorite t-shirt and tell us what year the t-shirt was created!
  • Wayback Wednesday: Let's see your NC3 History! Post some of your oldest pictures of New Creation Christian Church and its members. 
  • Thursday: Share a favorite thought or memory of how NC3 has impacted your life.
  • Family Picture Friday: Let's see how much your family has grown up and/or grown in numbers over the past few years. (We miss seeing your smiling faces at church!)
  • Sermon Saturday: Let's have church! Share your favorite sermon or quote from current or former NC3 Pastors. (ie. Chief Apostle, Pastor Pyles...)


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