Chief Apostle Aaron B. Claxton, D.Min. PhD

Apostle Aaron B. Claxton, D. Min., Ph. D. Founder of New Creation Christian Church

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Dr. Aaron B. Claxton has been in Christ for over 60 years and has preached the gospel for more than 60 years. He has been married to his lovely wife, Deborah for 60 years.  They are the proud parents of seven children (four boys and three girls), all have been called into the five-fold ministry.  The Claxtons are also blessed with a host of grandchildren and great grandchildren.


Our author’s academic background, includes earned degrees from Morgan State University, from the Mount Royal College of the Bible, and from St. Mary’s Seminary and University, where he began the academics for the Doctor of Ministry degree.  He completed that degree in 1996 at the Family Bible Seminary.  Dr. Claxton has been awarded two honorary Doctorate degrees from Christian International University. They are the Doctor of Divinity and the Doctor of Laws degrees.  He received his PhD. degree in Biblical Studies from Family Bible Seminary in May 2003.  Dr. Claxton has authored over 34 books of which 11 are published.


Apostle Claxton, along with his wife, Deborah, founded and pastored the New Creation Christian Church in Baltimore, Maryland for twenty-three years.  He has taught at three Bible Colleges, and is well traveled, having preached the gospel across America and in sixteen nations of the world. His spiritual covering is Bishop Bill Hamon of Christian International Ministries of Santa Rosa Beach, Florida.


Dr. Claxton stands in the offices of Apostle and Bishop, formally overseeing one hundred plus churches in the U.S., and in East and West Africa, and is presently being established in a global, apostolic ministry, along with his wife, Deborah in her apostolic ministry.  The Apostle’s oldest son, Apostle Aaron Bryan Claxton, along with his wife, Sheila, now pastor the headquarters church in Baltimore, which the senior Claxtons founded in 1968.


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