Ministerial Ordaining Body

What are the Benefits of Membership?

  • Credibility through association with an international Christian organization of integrity and longevity.
  • Apostolic covering providing prayer support, Biblical guidance and personal care of pastors, their leader and ministries.
  • Spiritual accountability from quality leadership and fellowship from a network of local and national pastors.
  • Ordination and licensing certification of candidates, after local pastoral recommendation and E.T.M. leadership review and examination.
  • Opportunity to participate worldwide spiritual impact and movements of the Spirit of God on a regional, national and international level.
  • Membership directory of covenant ministries, including contact information, photo, and ministry focus.
  • Annual membership ministerial enhancement or pastoral family seminars.
  • Fellowship services to promote Christian unity via “pulpit exchange” of E.T.M. leaders and congregational interaction.
  • Leadership provides membership access to E.T.M. affiliations:
    • Apostle / Bishop Bill Hamon, Christian International
    • Dr. I. V. Hilliard, Association of Independent Ministries
    • Dr. Leroy Thompson, Ever Increasing Word Ministries
    • Bishop Bart Pierce, Peace For The City (Regional Pastoral Coalition)
    • [Dr. Myles Munroe, International Third World Leaders Association]


What are the Membership Requirements?

  • Who can become a member?
    • Apostles, Prophets, Bishops, Pastors, Evangelists, Missionaries, Elders, Ministers, Teachers, Church leaders and business persons.
    • Spouses will be considered as honorary members, unless they choose to apply for individual membership.
  • Membership Process
    • Application fee : $25.00 (non-refundable)
    • Vision Statement of Ministry
    • Brief History of Ministry and Personal Involvement
    • Pastoral Recommendation for Ministers or Elders
  • Expectations of E.T.M. Members
    • Members are expected to adhere to a lifestyle consistent with that of Christian standards of integrity and righteousness with regard to their church, family, business and community interactions.
    • Members are expected to provide honest communications with the E.T.M. leadership and staff, whether in person or by other forms of contact.
    • Members, especially ministers who are licensed and ordained, are expected to be in agreement with and adhere to the E.T.M. “Statement of Faith.” (See attachment and/or brochure)
    • Pastoral members are expected to “tithe upward,” as referenced in Numbers chapter 18. The amount of the tithe would be determined by calculating 10% of the general church tithe. The frequency terms (quarterly/monthly) of this tithe can be negotiated with E.T.M. leadership.
    • All membership is expected to participate in E.T.M. joint events such as the Annual Holy Convocation, Fellowship Services, Ministerial Training Seminars and Planning Sessions.
    • Bishops and Pastors are expected to establish ministry staff involvement and to encourage congregational investment in the above named events.



Elder Theresa Ward, E.T.M. Secretary


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