Clergy Credentialing Guidelines

Annual Credentials Fee: Due by the month of June annually

  • $75  (Apostles/Bishops/Overseers)
  • $60  (Pastors)
  • $50  (Evangelists/Elders)
  • $35  (Ministers/Missionaries)

Expectations of E.T.M. Leadership:

  • Leadership will personally respond to request of the covenant members by phone, email, fax or written correspondence.
  • Leadership is committed to pray for the known needs of each covenant pastor and provide requested guidance, advice and counsel.
  • Leadership can be expected to provide teaching for ministerial staff and/or congregational motivation.
  • Leadership will provide uncontaminated, unadulterated, forward-looking present-truth teaching as it relates to the presentation of the Word of God.



Elder Theresa Ward, E.T.M. Secretary


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