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What is End-Time Ministries of Christ, Int'l?

(also known as E.T.M. of Christ International0

  • E.T.M. is an internationally recognized Christian organization dedicated to fulfilling the “apostolic and prophetic” purposes of the Kingdom of God. E.T.M. is also a federally recognized non-profit organization of the United States of America, located in Baltimore, Maryland, established in 1983.
  • E.T.M. is not a denomination, but a network of churches and ministries in covenant relationship with apostolic leadership, namely Apostle Aaron B. Claxton, the CEO and Founder.


  • E.T.M. is an organization designed to provide wisdom, guidance, and oversight on a requested basis to enrich and accelerate the growth, development and community/global impact of its members.
  • E.T.M. aspires to create mentoring relationship for pastors (male or female), who recognize their desire and/or need for spiritual fathering and apostolic covering.
  • E.T.M. does not seek to dominate the membership, but to provide ecclesiastical fellowship through mutual integrity.
  • E.T.M. encourages networking of ministries worldwide to promote ways and means by which to promulgate the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Ministerial Ordaining Body

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Clergy Credentialing Guidelines

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